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(All the sites on this page pay you more for referring people. Plus they offer advertising options with the money/points you make reading email, which can be paid out before you reach the cash payout rate.

What is PTRE and Is It Worth Your Time? - The best 'Paid To' Program we've seen. Get paid to sign up for offers, including over 100 free offers. Payout is $25, Get up to $5 per referral, Get $5 Free for joining. They offer many ways to receive payment. Very easy to earn $25 with just the free offers! - No minimum to cash out! Earn rewards for doing things you already do online! QuickRewards rewards you for taking surveys, shopping online, reading emails, trying out products, visiting sites, playing games, and answering trivia questions, printing grocery store coupons and much more. Redeem your earnings anytime for cash, gift certificates or prizes. Most redemptions are sent within 24 hours! - One of the best new programs! Earn $5 just for joining, $10 per referral, $.20 per email read, up to $150 per offer, up to $10 per survey and unlimited amount playing games. Payout is $30, but they offer more ways to earn than any other program I've seen. - Earn between $.01 - $.10 per email your read (usually $.05). You'll earn more for signing up for free trials, free offers and taking surveys. Plus you get $5.00 just for joining and $5.00 for each person you refer. Payout is $30. I've been paid 5 times so far from them. They also offer great contests! - The perfect way to earn some additional dollars by Reading E-Mail, Referring Your Friends, Playing Games, Completing Offers, Filling Out Surveys and more. The most free to sign up offers, with the best pay, we've seen on a site. - Get $5 free when you sign up. Get paid to read email, take surveys, complete offers and more. - Get $10 Free Just For Joining! Select up to 10 out of 52 areas of interest. They will then match your selected interests with their online advertising partners. $.02 per email read, Also get money for joining programs, Earn more when you refer friends, $50 payout. - Another great paid to read email program! They have the best payout rate, plus they don't pay with points, only cash! For every HTMail email ad that you return our code number from we will pay you US $0.08 (or UK $0.05), and for each advertised web site that you visit and return our feedback form from, we will pay you an additional US $0.16 (or UK �0.10). We have been paid 5 times by this program. - Has minimum payment limit of one cent only! Plus you can earn money to use search engines also. Not only will you get paid for the emails you read, but you will also get paid for the emails that your direct and indirect referrals read. They have Five Levels of Referral commission. Most emails are worth at least 1 cent. Been paid 7 times. - Earn money for signing up for special offers and promotions! There is NO minimum payout limit! - You'll earn Points just for reading email, taking surveys, playing games, shopping and more. 50 Points Just For Joining! Points can be redeemed for gift cards, products and services from hundreds of online retailers! I've received lots of gift cards from this program. - KERclink is the fun, easy way to earn cash and prizes! A small system tray program alerts you to CASH GIVEAWAYS, Instant cash offers, coupon offers, savings offers, and BONUS CASH actions through out the day! There are many games to play that will earn you cash also. It doesn't interfere with your normal computing. Been paid over $25! - All the information on Get Paid To Scams! See what programs to avoid and which are for real! Join their forums and put in your 2 cents...

Dig For Sites - A unique 'Get-Paid-To' program where they hide some form of the following: gold/silver/platinum flakes, gems, real money, website visits, banner credits, fool's golds, disasters, tools, claim deeds and free referrals - in a mine and give you claim deeds to use each day to find them. Each program offers it's own unique items that you can dig up daily. Claim deeds are the amount of digs you can perform per day and they vary per program. Trade in your gold and gems for cash payable by PayPal, StormPay and/or e-Gold. - 30 claim deeds per day, Surf Speed: 20 Seconds, Referral earnings: 10% x3 Levels. You can cash out when you have $10.00 or more in your account. Gold flake value will change from day to day. - 20 Claims per day, Surf speed: 20 seconds, Referral earnings: 10% x4 levels, Promote 3 websites. Also find Virtual Cars and Virtual Houses. You can cash out when you have an account balance of $10.00 or more.


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